Jan Zazvurek

Sound engineer

I got the nickname Zazy at the High School of Communication and Radio Technology, where I studied audiovisual, technology and organization. It is based on my surname and people and I got used to this title. It stayed with me at HAMU, where I got my master’s degree in sound design.

My life’s exploration and work is sound, especially music sound, musical sound and sound for film and TV shows. At the same time I teach sound mixing and mastering and offer consultations. My first experiences were in my childhood, where recording and sound processing were combined with my first attempts at music making, as I studied violin playing in a Music school. Later I began to learn guitar, double bass and mouth organ.

I started my professional career in 2004 when I joined the Kalich Theatre in Prague as a sound mixer. Here I learned how to work with sound on drama and music performances, made my first contacts and also mixed and mastered my first recordings for friends and bandmates. I also worked professionally at Wave Radio, where I mixed the morning show. Then in 2008 I was offered a job teaching sound at the high school I left a few years ago. At the same time I started to gain experience in professional recording studios (David Koller, Faust, Kaja Mařík).

My work thus settled on three domains: sound for music recordings and AV works (recording, mix, mastering), theater and pedagogy.


As time went by...
2004 - 2009

Academy of Performing Arts, Sound Production

2004 - present

Studio 2Landa, David Koller, Studio Faust, IMM Studio, Recording studio Za Vodou, Hamlet Production

since 2008

Teacher of sound at my high school, Hight School of Communication and Broadcasting Technology

Zazy Bio Střední
1999 - 2003

High School of Communication and Broadcasting Technology, Audiovisual - technology and organization


Kalich Theatre, sound mixer for dramas and musicals

2006 - 2008

Czech Radio, Radio Wave - radio broadcasting, playlist preparations, sound mixing, reportages

Theatres, musicals

Kalich Theatre

Night at Karlštejn

Lucie Bílá Theatre

Kampa Museum Summer Scene

Fidlovačka Theatre

Broadway Theatre

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Something's missing from my song. What should I do?
The song has existed in the world almost as long as homo sapiens itself. Pop culture is just looking for the best ways to monetize it. There's no shame in having influences and taking the best of them. Get inspired and try the most proven arranging techniques. Or you can send me a song. I'd love to hear it!
How do I get a clearer sound?
Look in the chain: acoustics - source - input - treatment - listening environment (acoustics). The most common problem is inappropriate acoustics (on both sides), then poor input processing (sound card). Mixing and mastering will accentuate all the aspects. If you can't re-record, send it to me. I'll try to find a solution to help you.
I need a solid sound recording. How to do it?
This is going to sound terribly schoolish, but I'll write it here anyway: respect the rules of acoustics and music. There are people who can intuitively feel these things. They are very few. Most of the time, you can't do without education. If you don't know where to start, interact with me on my Instagram, follow my YouTube. If I know, I'll answer! If I don't know, I know where to search.
How to get a more competitive recording?
Now we are getting into marketing, where I am a student myself. But the fact that you're on my site means I'm not doing it wrong. That's why I'd have to say that you need to find an audience for whom your musical message has value. Watch who's listening to you. And that's where your targeting should be. A good music agency can help. For example, www.xy.cz, which helped me give the world the song "Dojemná".
What is the trend in making a good recording today?
Today, something new is trendy every moment. Charts can help, like trends on YouTube, Spotify, etc. If you do a little research, you'll see how many approaches are strikingly similar. The creators of the series Kumšt (on YouTube) could tell you about it. If they don't inspire you, at least it's a great comedy...
I want to get better at working with sound. Can you tell me how to start?
Follow me on YouTube. Not only do I have my videos there, but I also make playlists from other creators' videos. I'm looking for content so you don't have to. After all, if you want some basics, I recommend publications, teachers, videos, or sites like Live Sound Reinforcement, Kenny Gioia, Dan Worrall, mixwiththemasters.com, puremix.net, etc.