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Music Production

Need your music to have some juice?

I can handle the production process from recording to mastering, music supervision, sound engineering and arranging. The result will be in line with your expectations, and will catch the listener’s attention.

Do you have a finished or in-progress project that needs music production? Send me your recording, I’ll listen to it and get back to you soon to arrange a collaboration.

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Mixing recordings

Do you want your music to fit both aesthetic and technical aspects?

I level (loudness) and frequency (timbre) balance the recorded instruments or sounds so that the result meets the aesthetic and technical aspects of the genre within the purpose and genre of the recording. My work also includes creative effects work to give the recording a unique feel. I can also tune vocals or instruments, align rhythms or clean up original recordings of noise or hum. The result is a recording that has dynamics, depth and plays with colour.

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Do your tracks need sparkle and shine?

Do you want your songs to play well on all platforms: YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, CD, MP3, Flac or even vinyl? Then your recording needs mastering!

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Sound design

Sound design

Do you need your sound to accentuate the audience experience?

Sound design for a musical performance: no matter whether you are working with a recorded instrumental score or a live band (orchestra), it is the sound designer’s job to fine-tune the overall sound so that the directorial intentions are in harmony with the musical direction, technical capabilities, acoustics and performance for an optimal audience experience.

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Want to handle sound like a pro?

If you want to go deeper into sound, then I have courses, tutorials or mentoring to teach you how to work with sound like a pro.

Individual lessons


For those of you who don’t want to waste time and want to get into the world of sound to the max. I offer one-on-one mentoring to teach you exactly what you need.

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